Vivitek has introduced its first LED-based pocket projector in the form - the Qumi Q2 - which also boasts 3D capability.

Although it's described as pocket-sized, the Qumi Q2 isn't quite as small as Optoma's Pico pocket projector, but at 160 x 100 x 32mm, it's certainly extremely portable and would easily fit into a bag or briefcase (and there's also a huge difference in quality compared to Optoma's model). Weighing just 617g, the Q2 is extremely lightweight so it shouldn't be too much of a struggle to carry it around with you.

According to Vivtek's general manager for EMEA, Holger Graeff, the idea behind the Q2 was to make a portable projector without sacrificing resolution or brightness, which are usually the first casualties of pocket-sized projector models.

He explained: “Qumi is the ideal companion for people on the go, regardless of it being used for small group business meetings, sales representatives on the road, or gatherings with friends. It can connect to smart phones, tablets and laptops, showing a multitude of different content in sharp contrast and brilliant colors."

The diminutive projector is intended as a compantion model for sharing content, rather than as a replacement for a dedicated home cinema projector, but it's fully set up for watching back DivX and AVI files either via the USB port or the micro SD card slot. Other connections include a mini HDMI and a universal input/output for VGA. What's more, most of the neccesary leads will be supplied in the box including a mini HDMI to mini HDMI, mini HDMI to HDMI, 24-pin VGA cable and a Apple input to composite (although you'll have to buy an Apple input to HMDI adaptor seperately if you want HD playback from your Apple device).

Despite its small size, the Q2 is capable of producing a widescreen image measuring up to 90 inches. As well as being ideal for watching movies and gaming, the Qumi Q2 is also well set up for business use as it can display Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf files. The projector can be operated using the touch-sensitive controls on top of the unit or using the supplied remote control.

The 3D-ready Qumi Q2 has an HD-ready WXGA resolution (720p), a contrast ratio of 2500:1 and 300 lumens of brightness, while the lamp has a 30,000-hour life. It also includes a built-in 1W speaker.

Available in black or white, the Vivitek Qumi Q2 will hit the shops in June/July and will come with a price tag of £499.