Loewe, the Berlin-based maker of high-end AV equipment, has announced its arrival to the 3D revolution with the launch of its Individual Compose 3D TVs.

Coming in three sizes - 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch - the TVs offer active 3D broadcasts and also offer 2D to 3D conversion on the fly.

These LED backlit LCD TVs all boast a 400Hz refersh rate and all come packed with a 500GB DR+ HDD so you can record all your 3D content without the need for a separate set top box. Although you will need a separete 3D box to get the 3D content in the first place. Er.....

Moving on, the Individual range also offers vast connectivity options. You can connect up to Loewe's MediaPortal to access internet radio or tap in to the media in your home network, or you can see what the web has to offer using the MediaNet feature.

Plus you can stream from one Loewe TV's HDD to another, should you be rich enough to be able to buy more than one.

And we're not joking about needing to be rich. Only the price of the 40-inch model has been given so far and it's a whopping £4,100.

The Individual Compose range will be available in high gloss white, aluminium black and aluminium silver.

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