Australian manufacturer Kogan has added a 7-inch Android tablet, two 12-inch netbooks and an Android-powered set-top-box to the line-up of products offered on its online retail site.

Kogan sells all its products through its online store in preference to high street retail outlets, and has recently adopted a new system of pricing for pre-orders called LivePrice. This allows customers to order products at early stages in the manufacturing process at dramatically reduced prices, and as development progresses, the price increases. It rewards pre-orders, and is offered on all of the new devices.

All of the latest tech comes under the company's Agora sub-brand and the Agora Internet TV Portal (ITVZZANDAA) is powered by Android 2.2, can download apps via the Android Market, and play streamed content through a HDMI port straight onto a TV screen.

It can play YouTube and Ustream video, is Flash-compatible (so will work with nigh-on every video-sporting website), and can even play Android games on the big screen. And, yep, that includes Angry Birds.

Essentially, imagine plugging an Android phone into your telly, and you can't go far wrong.

It currently costs £99.01 on LivePrice (will cost £129 at launch), and an optional wireless keyboard is available for an extra £25.

Kogan's Android tablet, the Agora 7-inch Tablet PC (KUTBL07ANDAA), has a capacitive 1024 x 600 touchscreen, runs on Android 2.2, and can playback 720p video. It features a webcam for video calling, Wi-Fi and access to Android Market and the world of apps on offer.

There's 512MB DDR2 RAM on board and contains a Samsung Cortex A8 1GHz processor. There's 4GB of storage, and the miniSD card slot can expand that up to an extra 32GB.

It's currently £89.01 on LivePrice (£119 at launch).

Finally, a couple of Ubuntu netbooks have been added to the range. Both feature 11.6-inch WXGA Widescreen HD (1366 x 768) LED Displays, with the Agora Pro model besting its peer with a 500GB HDD over a 250GB one, and 2GB RAM over 1GB.

Both models run off Ubuntu 11.04, but can be reinstalled with Windows should you wish. And they each have webcams and HDMI sockets to be hooked up to a monitor or TV.

The Agora Pro (KULTP12PROAA) is currently at £229.03 on LivePrice (RRP £289), while the lesser spec'ed Agora (KULTP12STDAA) is £219.03 (RRP £269).

All of the new products are expected to dispatch on 27 May 2011.