Eminent is bringing its popular EM7180 HD media player to the UK - the successor to the the multiple award-winning EM7080.

Not heard of either of these devices? Well that's probably because they're popular in the Netherlands. But they're Blighty-bound and will give on-demand TV fans yet another option into the IPTV arena.

Boasting the new Realtek 1183DD C+ chipset, the EM7180 is capable of Full HD 1080p output from a wide range of files including MKV and H.264. Sound should be pretty nifty too thanks to the AC3 and DTS stereo downmix.

Eminent also introduced the EM7167 over in its homeland recently as well as the EM7195, with USB 3.0 and DVB-T twin tuner, which is coming to the UK soon. The company is also currently developing the Android-based EM7297.

The Eminent EM7180 HD media player comes in 1TB or 2TB flavours, and you can even add your own hard disk if you need more space than that to a HDD-free version. Prices start from £124.95 and it's out now.