On Tuesday, we posted a story about a new Boxee iPad app and how it could offer Apple AirPlay streaming to the Boxee Box.

Well, VP of Marketing for Boxee, Andrew Kippen, has got in touch with us to clarify a few details and there's quite an exciting revelation.

And that is, whilst the new Boxee iPad app won't technically be using AirPlay - Kippen described it as "kinda like AirPlay, but not quite" - it will allow you to stream content from your tablet to any device running the Boxee software.

So that's not just a Boxee Box, but also any PC or Mac you've got running the Boxee desktop software.

Kippen also confirmed that the app will be iPad 1 compatible and that the new Boxee software about to land on the D-Link boxes is version 1.1 and not 1.05, or 1.5 as reported elsewhere.

Exciting stuff then - expect to see us giving the new software and, more importantly, the Boxee iPad app a thorough going over once it's available.

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