A picture of the star of NBC's reboot of Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki, in full costume has been gifted to the world, and while it retains some of the characteristics from the original TV series outfit, there are distinct alterations - most likely for pratical reasons.

The biggest change is in the, ahem, lower half, with the new costume now sporting full-length leggings in favour of Lynda Carter's (and the comic book Diana Prince's) star-spangled briefs. Additionally, the boots are now blue, rather than red.

Thankfully, the bracelets and golden lasso remain. And writer David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal) promises that Wonder Woman's signature plane will make an appearance too - although there's no confirmation on whether it'll be invisible or not.

He also hints that the overall tone will be serious rather than campy, but we wonder just how serious a show can be when it's main protagonist is running around in bright blue spandex 'loons.

The pilot movie is currently in production, with no word yet on whether the series will be taken up for a full run, and Entertainment Weekly is reporting that both Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) and Cary Elwes (Saw, The Princess Bride) have joined the cast.

What do you think? Is the new costume as good as the old one? Let us know in the comments below...