Devolo has expanded its range of powerline AV extenders to include a world's first: The dLAN 200 AV USB Extender allows connecting of USB devices to a home network through conventional household power cabling.

Previously, such adaptors have only been compatible with Ethernet cabling, allowing you to hook up a computer or NAS drive to a router through a building's internal copper wiring, but now that USB is supported; printers, scanners or external hard drives can be linked up too.

Additionally, the extenders work over up to 300 metres, preventing a massive cabling job if you need to store your device the other end of a building. And more than two extenders can talk to each other, so different rooms and users can access the connected kit.

They also come with built-in encryption options, helping ensure that files on a hard drive, for example, remain secure.

The dLAN 200 AV USB extender starter kit, which comprises of a USB adaptor, Ethernet AVmini adaptor (to hook it up to the home network), network cable and documentation, retails for £99.99. While, the standalone USB adaptor, for those who already have Powerline AV products, is available for £69.99.