Freesat has announced that it will be increasing its high-definition offerings to four channels by, ironically enough, adding Channel 4's HD platform - C4HD - to its line-up.

Freesat managing director Emma Scott said: "This is fantastic news for Freesat. C4HD is a high quality channel and we’re sure it’ll prove popular with our discerning viewers. 

"The addition of a fourth HD channel makes Freesat an even more attractive offer for savvy TV viewers looking for quality TV without monthly bills."

It's all go for Freesat viewers as of late. First their was the (quite frankly astronomical) news that the full Red Button service from the BBC would be available, and then music channels NME and Bliss were added to the free satellite platform.

And now - C4HD! Insane. You'll have to forgive us whilst we go and lie-down for a while - this is all too much to take.

C4HD will hit Freesat boxes in April. It will, of course, be free.

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