It's a double bubble win for Freesat-owning music lovers as the platform has announced that not one, but two, additional music channels have been added to the free TV platform.

Freesat is now broadcast to 1.5 million homes in the UK, and those receiving the free satellite signals will now be able to pick up NME TV and Bliss via their dishes.

Freesat’s head of channels, Mark Briggs said: "The launch of NME TV and Bliss are fantastic additions to the Freesat music genre, reflecting even more diversity and choice for Freesat customers. 

"In other genres, Freesat customers also enjoy more great subscription-free channels from CSC Media like True Movies, True Entertainment, and a range of children’s channels for all ages."

Remy Minute, managing director of CSC Media Group said: "These channel additions add to our portfolio offering on Freesat, underlining our commitment to subscription-free television.  

"Freesat continues to grow its customer base. With over one and a half million customers to date, Freesat is playing an increasingly important role in helping us reach the growing number of viewers who enjoy watching our television channels."

Freesat viewers don't need to do anything to get the new channels - digiboxes should pick them up automatically and you'll find them on channel 516 (NME) and 517 (Bliss).

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