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(Pocket-lint) - You've got loads of pics and videos on your iPhone but, trouble is, you've only got a 3.5-inch screen to show them off on.

So, until Apple chucks an onboard projector onto its phone baby, you're gonna need an outlet for all that media. Now, you could hook your handset to your TV - but projecting it cinema style is much more fun.

And to do that you're gonna need a projector small enough that you can carry around with you - one like the Pico Genie M100 that Pocket-lint has been getting busy with as of late.

The M100 is the first LED based palm projector to offer a high resolution (1024x768) projection, has a 3RGB LED light source, and projects at a brightness of 110-lumen.

pico genie m100 palm projector xga hands on image 3

It's small enough to hold in one hand, although a much more sensible idea (it cuts down on a shaky video) is to use the screw in mini-tripod with its bendy legs, which is incredibly handy for getting the correct projection angle.

It packs 1GB of onboard memory, and has a decent (and simple) UI that lets you switch between the various other input options, which includes iDevices (via the 30-pin dock connector to 3.5mm), HDMI, SD, USB and VGA.

pico genie m100 palm projector xga hands on image 2

It measures 130 x 130 x 47mm, weighs in at just 500g and you control it via the simple buttons on the top or a basic little remote control.

It makes a bit of a racket when projecting, but nothing too outlandish compared to other pico projectors that we've seen. Saying that, the onboard speaker is hardly worth talking about and is no match for the operational noise so you're going to need to hook up the M100 to some speakers if you want to hear anything.

But, it's easy to set up, easy to use and easy to carry about so it ticks three important boxes right there. Plus, your drunken iPhone videos never looked as good as they do on a 2 x 2m projection.

pico genie m100 palm projector xga hands on image 4

The Pico Genie M100 is out now, and you can grab one from Personal Projector for £375.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.
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