If CES showed us anything, it was that passive 3D TVs for the home are set to make more of an impact in 2011.

Several manufacturers, including LG and Toshiba, signalled their intentions to usher-in a new era of affordable passive 3D TVs that use the same cheap glasses as 3D cinemas.

But just because the glasses are cheaper, that doesn't mean you have to look cheap. Why go Johnny Drama when you could go Vinny Chase?

And that must have been what Del Ray & Co was thinking when it decided to develop the classic sunglasses 3D range.

The 3D, polarized lens, specs are inspired by vintage 1960’s style Lexington glasses, and current fashion trends.

Available in six different colours, the bins will cost you $20 - $25 depending on the style that you go for, and they are available now.

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