The Brit invasion over in Las Vegas continues with Swavesey-based, IPTV specialist, Amino Communications launching the Freedom Jump set-top box at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The Freedom Jump is an OTT web-connected box of tricks that is powered by an Intel Atom CE4100 processor and runs via the MeeGo OS.

After hooking up the Jump with your broadband network you'll be able to tap into many of the TV-based web apps that are now out there including video-on-demand and catch up services, music streaming platforms and, of course, your social networks.

It can handle Flash and 1080p video and has a HDMI input so as you can run your existing set top boxes through it. There's also wireless networking on board, as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Amino CEO Andrew Burke said: "There is a real gap in the market for a powerful low cost device that works with - rather than competes against - operators’ existing pay-TV devices.

"Initial feedback from operators has been very positive. They want OTT functionality to meet changing viewing habits - and counter 'cord-cutting' - but also a companion device that blends seamlessly with their own user interface and branded customer experience.

"The Freedom Jump minimises costly product change outs, whilst at the same time offering a new layer of content to customers."

No pricing details have been confirmed yet, nor a release date but we'll update you as soon as we know more.