It seems all eyes are on CES at the moment - the consumer electronics show which focuses on what should be coming to our homes in the coming year and beyond.

So it's nice to take a look at something that is in the here and now, and Warpia has come up with the goods, or rather, the good. The company has developed a rather nifty gadget called the StreamHD, which allows streaming content from your computer and view it in 1080P (1920 x 1280) resolution.

Warpa states that the StreamHD will allow, "content such as streaming video, pictures, movies, presentations, Facebook, Hulu, Joost, Netflix and other applications to be shown on your HDTV without the hassle and clutter of wires".

This wireless functionality extends to 30 feet, and if you happen to have optical inputs on your home cinema setup you can benefit from 5.1 surround sound as well. According to the company all you have to do is connect the receiver base to your display via HDMI, then plug the USB adapter in to your computer - result.

The StreamHD is now available on and for $169.99.

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