There's no concrete evidence to support the claims that TV screen sizes have replaced sports cars as consolation for men who are, shall we say, less fortunate than others in certain departments.

But if there is anything in the theory then chaps with, er, small chaps, may want to take note of the TVs that Mitsubishi is showing off over at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

Because it's big all the way for the Japanese company, who has announced a 92-inch 3D home cinema TV (DLP) to go in its 2011 line-up with the 60, 65, 73 and 82-inch versions.

The 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV gives you StreamTV internet media, multi-speaker Immersive Sound Technology (IST), Bluetooth streaming audio, four HDMI inputs, a USB media player, a 120Hz sub-frame rate and a new clear contrast screen.

"Mitsubishi Electric has consistently delivered big, bright, technologically-advanced displays from one of the world’s largest HD video screen at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, and now to our super-sized 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV", said Frank DeMartin, vice president, marketing at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America.

"With our new 92-inch 3D TV, Mitsubishi will continue to fuel the home 3D market, where size does matter to consumers looking to create an immersive 3D home entertainment experience for movies, sports, games and all sorts of new and exciting 3D content".

As well as the 92-inch TV that's just right for your living room (if you're Mr Burns perhaps), Mitsubishi is also going to be showing off an OLED display (for business use) with a whopping 155-inch size-tag and its first 1080p full HD 3D home theatre projector, "targeted to consumers with dedicated home theatre or media rooms and a desire for high-definition 3D images larger than 100-inches".

There's no pricing details as of yet, but expect the price-tags to be as massive as the screen sizes.

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