We were already quite excited about popping along to Vizio's booth at CES 2011 to see the Android tablet and phone that the American home entertainment giant is going to be showing off, but now we've found out that it will also be launching a 21:9 cinema style TV range as well.

The ultra-widescreen Vizio Cinema Display will be available in both 50-inch and 58-inch variations, offering 2560 x 1080 cinema HD resolution on its LED LCD display.

Unfortunately, there are no more details than that at the moment, as all we've got to go on is a teaser page on the manufacturer's website, but all will be revealed in Vegas - and no, we're not talking about the strip-clubs.

An early version of the TV was actually on display at last year's CES - but it looks as if the number 1 LCD TV provider in the States may now be ready to come to market.

If so, it's likely to seriously rival Panasonic's 21:9 effort, and the chances are that it will be more affordable too.

We will, of course, be visiting the Vizio stand at CES, so be sure to check our extensive trade show coverage for all the juicy details on this sexy looking TV and more.