Technicolor, the self-proclaimed "global leader in motion pictures, television, and digital media", has sent out a teaser of what it is going to unleash at CES 2011 and, interestingly, there's some hardware mentioned - most notably an Android tablet.

Could it be the same Technicolor Android tablet that turned up at the FCC in December? If so, expect a 7-inch capacitive touch screen tab with a 800x480 resolution, a Freescale ARM Cortex A8 800MHz processor, a front facing camera, Wi-Fi connectivity with optional 3G.

Technicolor is also talking up an "unprecedented media navigation portal that can work on any screen including the iPad)". The portal, it says, will it unify "all TV, online and personal content in one interface and allow for social interactivity".

The company is also going to be showing off a "new second screen Blu-ray BD-Live experience", as well as Technicolor Certifi3D, which it says is the industry’s first 3D Quality Certification program to ensure "the highest quality stereoscopic end-user experience".

Pocket-lint will be all over CES 2011 like a WKD-infused teenage boy on a peroxide-blonde at a £1.50-a-drink nightclub, so keep checking back for all your Vegas-based news.

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