You may have read through Pocket-lint's Christmas TV highlight feature, but there's one or two shows that we've missed off that might be of interest. For starters, Channel Five has put together a countdown of the greatest Christmas TV adverts of all time called, er, Greatest Christmas TV Ads, which runs for 3 hours from 9pm on Christmas Day.

It takes a look at the toy and gadgetry adverts and trends from Christmases past, including Action Man, the Stylophone and more, and invites celebrities and experts to comment in both humorous and factual ways.

But the biggest reason to watch it while your Christmas dinner makes its way through your system is that I, Pocket-lint news editor Rik Henderson, am one of the talking heads, nattering away alongside stars of stage and screen. Yep, if you want to hear me make the noise of a ZX Spectrum loading screen, or explain the easiest way to complete a Rubik's Cube, tune in. It's got to be better than the twentieth rerun of The Grinch surely?

And that's not all. Pocket-lint's editor, Stuart Miles, will be also gracing your screens over the holiday period, as he gabs on about the gadgets of the year on BBC News on 28 December. Plus, he will often be heard on BBC Radio 5Live too.

So, if you're missing a bit of Pocket-lint over the Christmas break, well, you know where to find us...