SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and the iPod touch has received a major update, bringing HQ video slinging into the equation.

In order to make use of the higher quality video option you'll need at least an 800kbps Wi-Fi, or you'll need a minimum of 500kbps downspeed if you're planning on watching your content over 3G.

You'll need a Slingbox SOLO or a Slingbox PRO-HD device and, after installing the 2.0 update, you'll also have to upgrade your Slingbox software to the latest versions (2.1.80 for PRO-HD and 2.1.110 for SOLO).

Slingbox Classic, Tuner, AV, and PRO unfortunately users won't have access to the HQ feature.

They will, however, get access to the swanky new programme guide, which was recently added to the iPad version.

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone costs £17.99, and you'll find version 2.0 in the App Store now.