If you haven't got a Boxee Box at the top of your list to Father Christmas (that's Santa for our US readers) then it can mean only one of two things;

1. You are a fool, or 2. You've already got one.

If you fall into group 2, then congratulations - you own a Pocket-lint certified "Hot Product", which we described in our review as "the best of the bunch" in terms of media streamers.

However, the Boxee Box is not without its faults. But luckily the Boxee team seems well aware of that and has bashed out the second major firmware update since the device became available.

As well as fixing around 30 known bugs, the update also brings with it some nice new improvements and additions including a new 3D feature whereby when you watch side-by-side or over/under video; the subtitles and OSD are now properly displayed when watching 3D videos via customised settings.

Other new features include:

- Enabling user flavour selection (online/local files inclination) during first login and via settings.

- Adding alphabetical scrollbar for local files.    

- Enhanced sorting options in browse screens (A-Z, Z-A, most popular, newest/oldest…).

- Adding a genre filter support for local files.    

- The ability to mark movies as watched/unwatched from the Action menu.    

- Added option for hourly scan of SMB/UPnP/USB sources.   

- Added SMB client defaults to Network Settings.    

Boxee Box owners should see an update notification in the top right corner of their homescreens, but if not, you can initiate the update by going to Settings>System>Update.

The Boxee team is saying that there will be another major firmware update out before the end of 2010.

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