Kaleidescape has announced the arrival of its latest DVD movie server - the Cinema One - which replaces the Kaleidescape Mini System.

The Kaleidescape Cinema One is described as bringing "the award-winning Kaleidescape experience to a broader set of customers".

That broader set obviously being people that couldn't afford the £7,000 or so for the Mini, but are happy to splash out £4,195. Hmmmm.

Anyways, enough quibbling about the large price-tag - let's take a look what's on board.

The Cinema One can handle up to 225 DVDs to be loaded onto its system, or 2,500 CDs if you're more of a music man, and allows for instant playback of your titles. 

You can also hook it up in two different rooms, allowing you to watch a flick in one room, whilst your house buddies get their groove on in another.

It also comes with a child friendly remote control which, when used, switches the on screen menus to a more kiddy UI.

"We have found that families tend to have the largest collections of DVDs, since most children’s content is in that format," said Kevin Dawson, MD of Dawsons Group, a leading audio and video retailer.

"Cinema One is an excellent fit for this market since it enables even toddlers to select and start their own movies – without the delays and complexity caused by menus, trailers, and advertisements."

"Our dealers and customers have been asking for a simple-to-install Kaleidescape System," said Michael Malcolm, CEO of Kaleidescape. "The Cinema One makes it possible for many more customers to enjoy the richness of the Kaleidescape experience."

Yep many more. At £4,195 people will be no doubt be queuing outside the doors.

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