We at Pocket-lint are big fans of the Boxee Box, just take a look at our comprehensive review - we don't hand out the Hot Product stamp willy-nilly.

But the box is a tad buggy, as most new devices tend to be.

Luckily though, the chaps at Boxee are aware of this and have released the first major firmware update.

Build brings numerous fixes and improvements including web browser black screen fixes, TED improvements, fixed Facebook friends feed, a new default overscan, local thumbnail support and a user selectable slideshow option.

A full list (of around 60 or so changes) can be read over at the Boxee blog.

Your Boxee Box is programmed to check for updates every 24 hours, but if you just can't wait for that then simply initiate the update by going to Settings>System>Update and click Check for New Version of Boxee.

Boxee Box review

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