Well that didn't take long. No pre-registrations, no waiting around, boom - straight into the App Store just days after the video teaser was released.

That's right readers, we're talking SlingPlayer for the iPad, in all its high quality HTTP live streaming.

SlingPlayer for the iPad brings with it:

- Full Control of your home TV:  "Control your programming with easy-to-use menus and shortcuts on a touch screen. Navigate the program guide using the iPad's intuitive native interface, program your DVR, fast-forward, pause, or rewind live TV".

- EPG access from your set top box: "Control your digital cable box, satellite receiver, DVR, or DVD player. Access music channels or video on demand".

- High-res viewing: "Enjoy stunning high-quality video on the iPad's high-resolution display using Apple's HTTP live streaming, which ensures the clearest picture possible for the available network conditions".

- Mobile viewing: "Access your television programming over a high-speed 3G or Wi-Fi connection".

You will need a Slingbox Solo or a Slingbox Pro-HD to make use of the new platform though. Your Pro, AV, Tuner or Classic just won't cut the mustard.

Priced at £17.99 the app is in the App Store now, although it might not show up straight away, as per Apple's usual roll-out procedure.