It's all go over at video on demand streaming site SeeSaw where not one, but two big announcements have been made.

Firstly, the Arqiva-owned platform has revealed that it will be offering an ad-free streaming service, called NonStop, made available via paying a monthly fee.

The scheme will launch with an introductory price of 99p that will get you ad-free action from the likes of 4oD and Demand Five, until the end of the year, with the price then jumping to its regular level of £2.99 per month. It's totally optional, there will still be a free version with ads as well.

And, speaking of ads, that moves us nicely onto SeeSaw's other big announcement, that of Ad Selector.

No, this isn't the arrival of some exclusive Avid Merrion material for the site, but a personal way of dealing with ads.

Rather than the adverts played during your streaming sessions being random, you'll now get the choice of selecting one from three options, with both you and the brands getting a better deal.

Matt Rennie, SeeSaw's commercial director said: "After talking to our customers, we have found a group of viewers who would be happy to pay for the flexibility of watching their programmes uninterrupted by commercial breaks.

"On-demand viewing is by definition about flexibility; you can choose what channel or programme to watch, and indeed when to watch it. NonStop is another way to bring choice to our viewers and we’re delighted to offer this new feature as our first subscription product".

Both services are expected to go live this week.