Why have two boxes for your audio and home cinema dealings, when you can cram it all into one?

That must have been the thinking behind Marantz's latest foray into the home-cinema market, with the Marantz Melody Movie.

The MMM is a compact Blu-ray player, complete with BD-live features and DVD 1080p upscaling, that also takes care of your home music as well.

That's because it can playback CDs to an audiophile level and it also has direct digital iPhone/iPod replay on board as well with a built in DAC in place to take care of the digital signal.

The Melody Movie also has an FM and AM tuner (but not DAB sadly) as well as Bluetooth connectivity courtesy of the optional RX101 device.

Packed in to the compact box is what the manufacturer describes as a "chassis-defying’" 140-watts of power from the Class D digital amplifier.

Available during November, the Marantz Melody Movie is yours for £799.90.

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