People of Lava has released what it is claiming to be the world's first Android TV - the Scandinavia.

We know what you're thinking - and yes there is already an Android TV out there in the shape of Korea's Smartroi TV, and no, People of Lava are not a progressive rock group from the 1960s, but a Swedish television maker.

And whilst the Scandinavia may not technically be the first, and is only rocking the ancient Android 1.5, it's still quite an exciting prospect.

The Scandinavia comes loaded with widgets including Google's Chrome web browser, Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps.

There is also access to a dedicated app store and although there are only around 20 apps in there at present there should be more than 1,000 before we see 2011.

Apps can be ported as long as they are scalable to fit the big-screen according to People of Lava’s marketing director Martin Ljunggren.

The TV is a 55-inch model and it ships with a remote control with a QWERTY keyboard. There should be an app coming soon to control it said Ljunggren.

It's not cheap at 40,000 Swedish Krona (just over £3,600) but People of Lava (we can't get over how awesome that name is) hopes to sell over £18 million worth of the TVs in 2011, and raise £8.5 million in funding for an international launch, with the US and the UK in mind.

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