Home audio guru Jamo has unleashed its latest multi-channel speaker system into the UK - the Jamo D500 THX Select 2.

The D500 includes two different models. You can either choose the 3-way D500 LCR, which is best for left/centre/right channel setups or the D500 SUR, which has a 3-way closed dipole design for surround channel setups.

The systems sport both Dolby True HD and DTS-HD support for your Blu-rays and music playback should be excellent too, it's apparently at its best when pumping out FLAC files, DVD-Audio and SACD. Both units have a frequency response of 80Hz - 20,000kHz and are THX certified.

You've also got a choice of two different subwoofers. The daddy being the D600 SUB, which has a 380mm woofer - driven by a 600w amplifier. Packed in to this setup you'll find a backlit touch-panel control, motional feedback circuit and boundary gain control. Or, you can opt for the closed-box SUB650 which boasts a 305mm woofer.

Available now in black or white (made to order, but the same price) the Jamo D500 THX Select 2 system will cost you between £1699.99 and £2299.99 depending on the setup you go for.