With the rise of 3D and the imminent flood of stereoscopic devices hitting the high streets, Magix has thrown its hat into the three-dimensional ring with an update of its consumer-friendly video editing software.

The succinctly-titled (?) Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus claims to be the World's first commercially-available 3D video edit suite for consumers. It offers full import functionality for many of the 3D camera models available and yet to come, plus it comes complete with a swathe of Real 3D fades and titles for 3D video projects.

Naturally, this is on top of a fully-featured 2D suite, with 99 tracks and professional studio modes, such as individual effects automation, primary and secondary colour correction, and chroma keying. And it can create soundtracks in Dolby Digital 5.1.

An AVCHD import facility helps make the capture of video from a digital camcorder as easy as possible, and there is support for two camera hook-up, allowing for multicam editing.

The end results, 2D or 3D, can be output onto DVD, Blu-ray, as a file, or even uploaded to YouTube and other video sites directly.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus is available now from retailers and the company's website, magix.com, for £79.99. A slightly cut down version, without the Plus suffix, is available for £59.99.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus - PC review

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