Chances are that you already own a 3D TV. No, not because they're selling like hot-cakes (they aren't) but because you're a tech fan, an early adopter, an innovator.

Trouble is that not everyone is quite as tech savvy as you and us, dear readers, and the general uptake for 3D TV is pretty slow.

In fact, a recent study by DisplaySearch suggests that only 2 per cent of all flat panel TV sales for 2010 will be 3D sets, with a total global shipment estimated at 3.2 million.

"While TV manufacturers have bold plans and a lot of new products, consumers remain cautious". said Paul Gray, TV electronics research director.

"Consumers have been told that 3D TV is the future, but there still remains a huge price jump and little 3D content to watch.

However, this number is set to soar as a result of, "expectations for falling prices, increased content availability, and improvements in technology" so by 2014 we could be looking at 90 million 3D TVs being sold.

2014 seems a long way off though. We'll have probably moved on to bigger and better things than 3D by then tech fans.

Smellovision anyone?

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