InFocus has announced a new portable projector range, the 3900 series, that includes the IN3914 and IN3916 models.

The only discernible differences between the two are that the IN3916 has a better resolution at 1280x800 as opposed to the IN3914's 1024x768.

Both projectors will be equally at home in the classroom or the boardroom. They are capable of projecting a maximum display of 3.7m wide, with 1.5m possible from just 1m away.

They use InFocus' LiteBoard technology which means that, with the use of the supplied Wand, you can interact with the images from any surface - you don't need to physically move to the display area.

The Wand acts as a mouse as well as a writing instrument with the usual mouse buttons and scroll wheel on board, as well as a handy undo button.

The 3900 series also has 20W stereo sound and advanced audio processing with a built in mic and assignable audio sources.

Connectivity is also pretty impressive with USB, HDMI, miniUSB, VGA, Ethernet all on board. You can add up to 32 computers in total to the projectors using your network.

The 3900 series will be out during October priced at £1,050 for the IN3914 and £1120 for the IN3916.

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