Avatar is all set for another Blu-ray release, but sadly there's still no sign of a 3D Blu-ray release.

This is bad news because without the amazing 3D effects, you're basically going to be watching a poor Pocahontas rip-off.

Until the 3D Blu-ray gets an official airing, possibly bundled with Panasonic 3D kit before the year is up, then this latest release will have to stem your Avatar cravings, should you have any.

In this box set, you'll be treated to three versions of the film on one disc; the original cinema release, the special edition that is enjoying a cinema run now, and an extended cut with 15 minutes of never-before-seen action as well as an alternate beginning.

"I told our team - let's do the ultimate box set of Avatar, with everything in it the fans could possibly want", said director James Cameron, who obviously forgot about the 3D features.

"There's an extended length cut that's sixteen minutes longer, plus documentaries, behind the scenes featurettes, artwork and over 45 minutes of deleted scenes. Everything worth putting into a special edition is in this set".


Anyway, as well as the three versions you'll also get an extra two discs containing bonus material including BD-live features.

The Blu-ray box set will cost around £25, with a DVD option for around £5 less. There will also be a Limited Edition (only 1000 copies) edition on sale for £100 that comes with a hardback book, artwork and a film-cell signed by Cameron.

The release date is 15 November.

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