At IFA 2009, it was just a single extra yellow pixel that Sharp tried to wow the world with. Now, at IFA 2010, the company has plonked itself firmly on the 3DTV bandwagon with the Sharp Aquos LE925 Quattron LED TV. Quite a mouthful.

Fortunately, the company has put better thought into the technology than the naming process for this series which consists of two panel sizes - 60- and 46-inch models. Refresh speed is obviously the name of the game for a better LCD shutter glasses experience and Sharp has packed in both side LED scanning and a high speed LCD technology called FRED - Frame Rate Enhanced Driving. The claimed 1.8x better brightness than normal three primary colour set is said to reduce crosstalk 3D image separation even further.

Being side-lit, the TVs are a standard 3.9cm deep and there is the internet connected Aquos Net+ platform to enjoy as well as 2D to 3D footage conversion as well.

If you're not bothered by all the stereoscopic nonsense, then Sharp has also announced LE924, LE824 and LE814 Quattron 2D LCD TVs featuring much of the same technology but without all the extra jazz. All the sets are out this month and we'll have prices for you as soon as they come in. Oh, and just in case you're concerned, the 3D LCD shutter glasses come in red, blue and silver. Interior decorating crisis over.

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