It looks as if Project Canvas is all systems go, as the organisation has invited manufacturers to begin work on developing hardware to carry the internet connected television platform.

Cisco, Humax and Technicolor have so far been named as Project Canvas' innovation partners, but reports suggest that nine other manufacturers are also interested in producing devices capable of carrying the new TV venture including Intel, Sagem and LG.

"Canvas is stepping up its engagement with industry as we get closer to releasing the final set of technical documents to the DTG this month, and launching a consumer product next year", said Project Canvas director Richard Halton.

"Bringing on board further consumer equipment manufacturers will ensure people have the widest possible choice of devices and we remain focused on supporting the industry to stimulate a competitive market. We continue to work closely with the DTG to develop common standards for Connected TV".

The first wave of devices will be PVRs with twin tuners for both digital terrestrial and internet TV. Going forward the plan is to release a range of internet-enabled set top boxes as well as fully integrated Project Canvas TVs.

Project Canvas is looking for device partners to apply in writing by 25 August.

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