If you're looking at this Sanyo PLV-HF10000L projector and thinking it would go well in your living room - then forget about it. Unless you've got a vast Monty Burns style hall that is.

Because this projector is meant for the big time. With a native 2K (that's 2048 x 1080) resolution and the ability to team up several units to create a mega projection with edge blending - it really has got huge ambition.

It's got a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and also has QuaDrive technology that uses a fourth panel - the Colour Control Device (CCD) - to separately control yellow light within the optical engine. This should mean a sharper image is projected with more colour clarity. There are picture in picture and picture by picture features as well.

The Sanyo PLV-HF10000L is out in November, pricing has yet to be announced. Like everything else with the projector, expect it to be big.