There's not much to see here, literally. Because Sharp has unveiled the "world's smallest" digital TV tuner and it's tiny.

It is around 70 per cent smaller (just 4.4 cubic centimetres) and 50 per cent thinner (at just 5mm) than the previous model in its range and it only has 80 different parts and element to it, compared to 300 in older versions.

The compactness is all down to a new silicon tuner IC that "fully integrates the components that make up the tuner circuitry in a monolithic semiconductor device".

It should also be better quality than previous models as it has a digital signal processor with a low-noise amplifier that will give you a better reception, even if you live somewhere with a poor digital signal.

It works with both analogue and digital signals and supports the worldwide multi-standard so it will work pretty much anywhere.

With TV's becoming ridiculously thin as a result of LED and OLED technology, the parts that go into TVs are going to have to keep up with the compact demands, and Sharp's VA1N2WF2121, to give it its full title, is definitely heading in the right direction.