It seems that an extra pixel colour wasn't enough for Sharp, who has now added an extra dimension to its Quattron LV range. Sharp Quattron 3D has gone on show in Japan and it will be released over there in July.

The LV range consists of four different sized sets - 40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch and a mahoosive 60-inch version. The TVs are only 39mm thick due to the LED back-lighting.

In order to watch 3D action on one of these Quattrons you'll also need to splash out (about £75) for some 3D glasses - the AN-3DG10s which will be available in various different colours.

In our review of the Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-46LE821E we stated that the extra money that you have to fork out for the pleasure of an extra yellow pixel was well worth it. Once we get our hands on a 3D Quattron LV we'll let you know if the extra money it will cost for the extra dimension is worth it as well.

There's no confirmed details as to when we'll see this range hit British shores, but we're badgering our Sharp contacts to find out for you. Check back later and we'll hopefully have some details for you.

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