SeeSaw, the video on demand service that was born out the ashes of Project Kangaroo, has added a wealth of premium content to its existing free programmes.

A deal has been struck with MTV Networks, a subsidiary of Viacom, who own MTV, obviously, and Comedy Central. This means top quality US comedy such as South Park and several shows featuring spoilt little bitches/actresses like Laguna Beach and The Hills.

There's also a load more BBC programming available via the rental service including Life on Mars, Top Gear and The Mighty Boosh. Other US shows such as Lost and Ugly Betty have been added to the line up as well. In total, there's 1000 new hours of programming.

Rentals cost from 99p to £1.19, and you get 30 days to watch them, although a completed viewing must be done within 48 hours of starting the programme. You can also get a whole series for between £3.99 and £17.99 and you get 90 days to watch these.

SeeSaw boss Pierre-Jean Sebert said: "Today's announcement marks the next phase in the evolution of the UK's most exciting online TV service. Since launch, SeeSaw has connected with one million TV lovers across the UK with a mixture of great content, a high quality viewing experience and simplicity of use. Going forward, we are confident that our blend of free and premium programming will enhance the appeal of SeeSaw to both viewers and advertisers".

SeeSaw also indicated that it is seeking out other Hollywood studios with a view to adding further content to the service.

With yesterday's news that Project Canvas may well be back on the cards, video on demand is definitely shaping up to be a crowded marketplace. What on demand service do you use at the moment? Let us know below.