Whether you're watching three World Cup games back to back or attempting a non-stop film trilogy, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen while the action's happening? Sure, you can click record on the PVR but that doesn't save you any leg work, now does it? Instead, here are some splendidly lardy, slothful and indulgently delicious ways of stuffing your face in front of your home cinema set up.

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The stalwart of the home cinema snack machines has to be the popcorn maker and if you really want to do it in style, there is not other option than this movie theatre trolley version. Yes, much of what you're paying for is the style but it does come with an easy clean kettle drum good for up to 115g of kernels at a time, it takes 2-3 minutes to pop, it keeps the corn warm and you can also break the machine in two if you'd rather something sitting on your tabletop instead. Of course, if £350 is a little steep and you're happy being all boring about it, you can always go for the Princess Deluxe at £24.95 instead.

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Those aiming to end it all now need look no further than a nacho warmer and case of 4x4kg liquid cheese bags. Nachos make a superb sports and movies snack and are as guaranteed to have your mates flocking round as they are to kill you. Of course, nobody likes a cold nacho, so buy one of these cinema grade cabinets complete with internal warmer to make sure that your addictive, corn-based snacks need never drop below regulation temperature again. (Please also try to exercise and eat fruit in between gorging sessions. Please.)

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It's probably safest to keep a Stonebake Pizza Oven in the kitchen but there's no reason you can't plug it in in the corner of your home cinema room, now is there? They're good for cooking up pizzas from fresh or the frozen variety in both thin crust and deep pan format with additional support for Spanish tortillas, quiches and the like. It'll take around 15 minutes to get from 0-60 but that doesn't exactly require a lot of forward planning to get a meal more satisfying and marginally healthier than a 4kg bag of liquid nacho cheese.

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Along a similar technology theme, you don't just have to cook pizzas on a hot stone surface. How about fixing up your own kebabs while the match is on? The Hot Stone Grill does pretty much what is says on the tin. It's got a large flat lump of ceramic stone on the top that gets hot and then you grill things on it.

There's some apparent science behind it saying that it has a way of sealing the surface of the meats leaving the natural juices inside and without having to use any oil to cook with. The reality, of course, could be hours spent scraping the top surface down after someone accidentally puts their mobile phone on it, but, for £29.95, you could always just buy a new one. Chili sauce?

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Another excellent idea from the Giles & Posner stables is the Hot Dog Rotisserie. Rather amusingly described on the website as "a versatile product", it cooks your sausages on non-stick rollers while heating your rolls on warming spikes. It could possibly be used otherwise as a torture device but that's probably as versatile as it gets. It makes hot dogs. All the same, what uses could one possible need beyond tearing your way through a cash and carry sized sack of sausages and buns anyway?

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With all that junk food, you're going to need a nice cool beer to cut through the grease lining of your gullet, so you'd probably do best in forking out for the Beer Keg Chiller/Dispenser. For £150 you got a chiller cabinet capable of holding and cooling a 5l mini keg of beer and pumping it out on demand. If the question you're asking yourself is "Why not just drink out of a can?" then you're probably missing the point.

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If you've got a little more forethought - around 10 days more forethought - then an alternative option on the booze front is the Brew Master. It's a personal home brewing kit without all the need for the large bins and stringing things up on coat-hangers down in the basement. It comes with a few packets of beer mix, some CO2 soda chargers and an air tight bottling system to ensure each beer is in pristine condition. If you've got a home cinema, then you should probably be drinking home brew to go with it.

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If ale's not your thing and kegs are a bit fancy dan, then nothing can beat a good old mini fridge to save those tiresome trudges to the kitchen and back - presuming you haven't already got one in the arm of your chair, that is. There's quite a few to choose from and probably the best selection is available online at Drinkstuff. We've gone for the Caldura Mini Fridge. It doesn't have a glass door nor any company logos but it can get the temperature down to 3 degrees and it runs very very quietly as well.

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So it's a touch 2005 but nothing quite says home cinema slob quite like a chocolate fountain. It works with pretty much any chocolate that you care to think of and fantastic for dipping marshmallows and such into on long cocktail sticks from the comfort of your own sofa. The question is, how long before you a) dispense with the dipping tools entirely, b) just start licking at the bowl like a cat and c) before non-chocolate substances are thrown in there to melt instead? Nacho cheese fountain anyone?

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Of course, you don't have to buy a machine to enjoy snacks on your sofa. The internet will do just fine. Naturally, there's all sorts of food delivery outlets but do conisder good old fashioned sweets too. If popcorn is you're thing, then you can get Butterkist online. If sweets are a better idea, then check out Cyber Candy for a selection of the world's treats or the Retro Tuck Shop for some fizzy cola bottles and other old school penny action. Don't forget to brush your teeth.

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We were about to publish this piece as was with the 10 above until we heard the tales of our the Pocket-lint Editor and Reviews Editor living out their bachelor days together in a flat accompanied by a vertical rotisserie machine. And we quote:

"It was brilliant. We'd come back from the pub, go by a supermarket, pick up a whole chicken, spear it on the rotisserie when we got back and 90 minutes later there'd be an entire roast done...of course, there was the time we fell asleep and forgot about it until we found a mouldy chicken inside the thing a week later."

And what about your favourite snack machines, dirt food delivery stores and sickly sweet TV treats. Let us know your tehcno-munch of choice in the comments below.

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