Japanese company Newsight unveiled a range of autostereoscopic screens at the recent Finetech Japan 2010 expo in Tokyo.

The displays, which include a 70in version, use the company's parallax barrier technology to allow viewers to see 3D images without the need for passive or active glasses. According to DigiTimes, it subdivides the LCD image into repeating segments that, when viewed, resemble 3D moving images. The barrier is added to commercial-grade LCD displays in a precision assembly process, thus creating "naked-eye" 3D screens.

It is claimed that the 70in version is also the biggest display to feature autostereoscopic technology in the World.

However, there's no word on whether you would be able to watch conventional 2D video as well, or that, like with other such "non-glasses" 3DTV technologies Pocket-lint has seen from companies such as Philips, whether you need to remain in a small sweetspot (right in front of the panel) to get the effect. Exciting times though.

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