Despite subscription-based music-on-demand services performing rather well and slowly knocking the CD out of the market, there's a marked lack of similar offerings for the movie industry.

Perhaps that's the reason why the Blu-ray seems to be starting to gain a little bit of traction, with sales volumes up 31% in March 2010 against the same period in 2009 according to statistics released by the British Video Association. Interestingly, the music Blu-ray genre is doing particularly well, with sales up 42%.

The BVA's wonderfully-named marketing manager, Hannah Conduct, told Pocket-lint: "While it is fantastic to see such strong growth in market volumes in the run up to Easter, the performance of Blu-ray is especially impressive. Growing sales show that the benefits of the format – higher picture quality, superior sound, and an ever-expanding range of titles – are better understood than ever before. The strong sales reflect consumer confidence in Blu-ray".

That's perhaps a little strong a statement, but with a slight decline in DVD sales away from the success of Twilight, and a lack of a convincing on-demand streaming alternative, maybe Blu-ray's the only alternative around?