Sharp has bucked the current trend from manufacturers of announcing 3D TVs at press events, instead opting to launch a fourth colour sub-pixel instead.

While all televisions work on the proviso of mixing red, green, and blue to create a massive array of colours, Sharp believes the answer to a better quality picture is to add yellow to that collective.

"The revolutionary new four colour technology enables billions of colours to be displayed, providing brighter video gaming, clearer sports viewing and sharper action enjoyment", says the company.

But you shouldn't just take Sharp's word for it. Neuroscientist, Dr Jack Lewis, says that “a key mechanism of perceiving colour involves comparing levels of red versus green light and blue versus yellow light, which all happens in a special layer of neurons within the retina. The addition of the yellow sub-pixel (to the standard red, green and blue) in this product creates so many new colour tones that the new technology Sharp is using to create images is mimicking critical features of the brain's visual system. This could ultimately make us feel more involved in things we watch on TV, whether it’s playing a video game with your mates, cheering on your team or watching the latest action thriller”.

The new technology has found its way into a range of new televisions that the company has announced this week. The new range; the LC-LE811E, LC-LE821E, LC-LE921E, and LC-LE920 will come in 40-, 46- and 60-inch variants with a range of new tech to boost the appeal even further.

Each model is 1080p HD-ready, incorporates Sharp's UltraBrilliant Edge-lit panel technology and will have built-in HD Freeview as standard.

Pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed.

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