Seesaw reckons it can change the way you watch TV. It's a small team under the umbrella of media giant Arqiva, which has taken the mantle (and technology) from the ill-fated Project Kangaroo to aggregate content from BBC Worldwide, and Channel 4's 4oD service and offer it up to viewers in one handy place.

The service explains itself on its website: "We think it's all got too complicated. TV should be fun and easy. After all, it's entertainment you want. We like to find a better way. That's why we offer you simple choices not complex packages. What's more, we know great TV. Drama. Comedy. Sport". There'll be a mix of free, ad-funded content and paid-for programming, and could fill the gap that Hulu has failed to capitalize on by staying US-only.

If you'd like to get a sneaky early look at the service, the nice folk at Seesaw have given us a pile of invites to give out to the public. We've only got a hundred or so, so it's first-come, first-served. To get one, just leave a comment below and make sure that the name and email address you put in are valid. Oh, and you'll need to be quick, too - there's a deadline of 21 January 2010. After that, we can't guarantee anything.