At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, Sharp has declared that it's upgrading the RGB system to include a yellow pixel, too.

Monitors and televisions have traditionally created colours using red, green and blue pixels at different brightness levels. That leads to about 1 billion possible colours. Adding a fourth pixel takes the possible colour gamut upto 1 trillion, the company claims.

Sharp is calling this proprietary tech a "monumental engineering achievement" and will be offering it in 3 new LCD TVs that will be arriving in the first half of 2010.

The LE920 comes in 52-inch, 60-inch, and a brand new 68-inch size and will be arriving in March at prices of upto $6499. The device is 1.6-inches thick and comes with dynamic contrast ratios of upto 6 million to 1.

There's also the LE820/LE810 that come in sizes of 40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch screens, and prices of upto $3999, and there's the LS510 and LS410 that come in 32-inch, 22-inch and 19-inch screen sizes. Those will be landing in June and May.

Lastly, the company also has introduced a 240Hz LC60E88UN Aquos television, the 32-inch D78 and D68 TVs (both of which run at 120Hz), the BDHP70 BD-Live player and BD-MPC41U 5.1-channel home cinema audio system.

All of which will presumably be making an appearance in Europe too, but we don't have any pricing info for that, so when we get it we'll let you know.