What's being called the world's first portable digital 3.4-inch television with an AMOLED display is to see a CES debut. The new myGOtv from IDTV is described as a personal "pocket TV" angled towards on-the-go goggle-boxing for American consumers.

Specs include that previously mentioned 480 x 272 OLED screen in 16:9 ratio, a tuner for free-to-air digital channels in the States, 2.5-hours of battery life, Dolby sound with built-in speakers, a headphone jack and what's said to be easy-to-use and "trendy" onscreen menus.

Chris Lee, the general manager for IDTV says: "We are introducing our Company and our current family of myGOtv portable digital TV products to the US retail market at CES. Our goal is to build a solid brand through retail partners by demonstrating our ability to provide niche, personal and portable products, like the 3.4-inch AMOLED pocket TV".