There's often very little from the smaller set-top box companies to draw you towards their products, but Sybas Technology is aiming to change all this at CES 2010 with the launch of the Popbox and 20 new online content and application partners to go with it.

There was a strong theme at last year's Las Vegas event of internet connected and widget TVs from the AV makers but, aside the odd bit of extra video, music and photo display, there hasn't been a whole lot on offer. From the offset though, Popbox is offering TV access to Twitter, BlipTV, IMDB, Photobucket, Twonky and NetFlix as well as weather services, 1000 RSS widgets and a raft of media from Asia including anime and Chinese and Malaysian TV content too.

The device will sell in March 2010 for $129. Although Sybas Technology claims to be a global distributor, it may well only be global in the same way that the World Series is a worldwide competition. The point for those in the UK and Europe, though, is that the promise of the Internet on our TVs is starting to come good and on anyone's set, rather than just those who are willing to pay out for the top-end AV models.