Freesat has issued a brief statement "clarifying" the availability of the BBC's iPlayer service on its platform. The launch of the on-demand service has been a little confusing to consumers, with the roll-out delayed, and the fact that the service would only be available to Ethernet connected equipment, rather than over-the-air.

While a limited beta trial launched to "selected journalists and partners" on 7 December, excluding the general public from access, it seems a Freesat access code (5483) has been doing the rounds on forums promising to provide access to the service.

On the back of this, Freesat has clarified that the BBC iPlayer beta release is now currently available on Freesat Humax HD and Freesat+ Humax boxes.

"All other existing and new Freesat HD boxes and Freesat integrated TVs will have BBC iPlayer rolled out to them in the New Year", says Freesat, missing that before-Christmas deadline by a nice margin for those hoping to catch-up with the Beeb's Christmas TV via their Freesat service.

UPDATE: Freesat has got in touch with Pocket-lint to clarify that when announced the Freesat iPlayer service was stated as for Ethernet-connected equipment only, despite the platform's satellite delivery.