The seasonal smorgasbord of high definition entertainment has gotten ever larger with a whole host of HD content due to aired on satellite provider Freesat. With high def programmes and films from both the BBC and ITV this year, Freesat is making the usual something-for-everyone promises.

As far as the Beeb goes, the choice is as comforting (or dullifying, depending on your POV) as it gets with all those Strictly Come sparkly costumes on show in HD, as well as the annual high def Doctor Who Christmas special, Jools Holland's Hootenanny, Top Gear, and of course, the Queen's Speech.
Meanwhile ITV is going for the popular vote with a decent selection of HD movies, as well as some HD football coverage from the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

ITV films include Pride & Prejudice, Peter Pan, Shakespeare in Love, The Scorpion King, Midnight Run, Basic Instinct, Johnny English, Above Suspicion and Flash Gordon, along with a Murder She Wrote.

The subscription-free Freesat service offers over 140 channels, and claims that HD boxes required to receive the service (as well as an installed dish, not included) are currently available starting from £59.99.