The makers of the Flip Video family of camcorders have launched a "new innovation" in home video sharing in the States with the introduction of the FlipShare TV.

Described as an industry first (the tech isn't, but the idea of a dedicated set-top box for a camcorder is), FlipShare TV brings the user's entire Flip Video library of photos and videos on to a big screen TV, as well as letting them share video instantly with other FlipShare TV owners.

The FlipShare TV base connects to the TV via the included composite cables or an HDMI cable, while the FlipShare TV USB key plugs into a USB port on a PC or Mac to zap the computer content to the big screen.

The solution is angled as "a great way to share videos with loved ones" through the Flip Channels within FlipShare, so, says Flip, "grandparents can simply turn on the TV and watch the latest Flip video of their grandchildren".

Complete with a remote control, the FlipShare TV goes on sale for $149.99 at all the US retail biggies. There's no plans for a UK launch yet.