LaCie has extended its range of LaCinema products with the LaCinema Classic HD. Like the other products in the range, it's a multimedia hard disk player with full 1080p playback, DLNA functionality and "unsurpassed" format compatibility.

The idea is that you plug it into your telly and hi-fi and then use it as NAS file server, chucking all your multimedia content onto it. Once you want to view that content, however, you can access it from your directly-connected devices or stream to other DLNA devices on your home network.

It'll play everything from DivX format to high-quality MKV H.264, and supports HDMI 1.3, and Dolby Digital audio. It'll work as a media server to stream content to Xbox 360s and PS3s, too, though it won't work with the Wii just yet.

The device comes in capacities of up to 2GB and can connect via Ethernet or a (sold separately) 802.11n Wi-Fi adaptor. It costs £200 and is available now.

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