In 3 year's time the 3DTV market will see shipments of up to 46 million 3D-capable flatscreen televisions, suggests market research from US-based GigaOM Pro, stating that despite the market being in its infancy today, by 2013 the technology will be widespread in consumer's homes.

"While the initial shipments of flat-panel 3DTVs will be small in 2010 due to premium pricing strategies by the large TV manufacturers, volumes are likely to grow quickly in just a few short years as manufacturers begin to implement 3D as a standard feature across their HD flat-panel product lines", said Alfred Poor, author of the report.

The report suggests content owners and broadcasters will soon "convert large portions of their back-catalogues of content to 3D", in order to satisfy consumers hungry for three dimensional content.

"Just as many consumers are voting with their wallets today for the 3D version of their favourite movies in the theatre, we expect over time that many will choose 3D for their favourite shows and movies at home as well", said Poor.

Interestingly, Sony is highlighted as a company working hard to push 3D. "The company will provide a complete user experience with full HD Bravia in 3D taking center stage. In addition to television, Sony will enable more devices, such as Blu-ray, Vaio and PlayStation 3, to be 3D compatible", says the GigaOM Pro report.