While here at Pocket-lint we had our very own 3D week a little way back, Channel 4's 3D week is fast approaching on 16 November and the broadcaster's promotional partner Sainsbury's is now in full swing distributing the required glasses.

The supermarket chain is going to be giving away 10 million pairs of 3D glasses for free to UK consumers so they can enjoy the full effects of Channel 4's ColorCode 3-D programming, thanks to the glasses' special amber and blue filters. 

The highlight of the week's coverage - for patriotic Brits anyway - will be previously unseen 3D footage of the Queen during her coronation year. In addition "Derren Brown's 3D Magic Spectacular" and - typical for Channel 4 - "The Greatest Ever 3D Moments" will also be shown.

The week will also include "several" 3D movies, details of which will be revealed soon - we will keep you posted.

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